Hsintek Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1989.
Under the leadership of the Mr.M.S. Suen , all the employees of the company are dedicated to develop and research display solution.
Initially the main products were color monitors for surveillance systems; nowadays we research, develop, and produce multiple function display solution and associated accessories.
We have own producing line and technical which located in Taiwan, we believe that will enable us increasing stocks and offering a short delivery as well as improving our customer service. Our sales network covers both domestic and overseas areas, and we provide a series of faultless products to meet all the customer's demands.
We are not only devoted to expanding the list of associated products of the different fields but also to follow best principles to promote our quality and service.We believe that the recommendations of our customers are our best assets and also help maintain our competitive advantage. To ensure our products meet all the customers' requirements, we employ a strict control system to monitor the product quality and adopt the most advanced production equipment.
Furthermore, we take advantage of standardized procedures to improve the quality control and use the appropriate statistical technology to effectively control the production line process.
Honesty, Creativity, Quality and Satisfaction"Honesty, Creativity, Quality and Satisfaction" is our Company Policy. In order to carry out this objective and to allow us becoming an international model and respected company, we have an annual training scheme to further develop the excellent staff quality and improve the management capabilities.